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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I be charged for sending money to Germany?

No matter how much money you send back home, you will pay only a fixed fee of $4.95 for your transfer. With SendMoney.com you will enjoy a great exchange rate & no hidden fees.

How long does the money transfer to Germany take?

On average, the money transfer takes about 15 minutes. However, other factors may influence this time, such as the local time of the beneficiary’s country, as well as the opening hours of the bank or pick up location.

What are the payment methods supported?

You can safely and securely transfer money using any major US debit card.

How is my money delivered to Germany?

You can easily send money to Germany via:

Bank Deposit
You need to fill in the recipient’s bank details, namely the bank name and account number. The transfer will be processed immediately and securely and the money is delivered within minutes.
Largest banks in Germany: All Banks Germany - EUR - Payment System: SEPA

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