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Learn how to call internationally

We know how confusing international dialing codes can be! That's why we created this tool: to help you make international calls. Just choose the country calling code from the menu & enter the number you want to call. It’s never been easier to dial internationally!


Place your calls easier! Add the phone number you call FROM. Use format: country code + number.
Skip dialing the entire number. Assign your favorite number to a phone digit. Press the key to connect faster!
Turn OFF this feature to skip the balance and minutes messages when you make a call.
Activate Auto Recharge and every time your balance drops below $5 we'll recharge your PIN with the amount specified.

Big savings for all destinations!

Try the Savings Calculator to find out how you can SAVE with our Service!
You'll be able to compare the low international calling rates on this website with those offered by your current long distance provider.
Try our calculator to see how much you can save on your international calls.

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August 19
Jen A.

Unbeatable deal

No hidden fee.. you get charged per minute not per call. No charge if not connected.....
July 18
Ronald Becker

Always easy to communicate with them…

Always easy to communicate with them and have very few issues when loading my familys...
May 2
Charles Arthur

They do everything I want done at a…

They do everything I want done at a fantastic price. Only a very minor thing that the...

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