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Powered by SendMoney.com

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Powered by SendMoney.com

How can your Filipino receive the money?

Cash pick-up

Choose from over 6,000 locations

Direct Deposit

Over 70 banks from the Phillippines available to choose from

Why SendMoney.com?

It can't get any easier than this

Send money to a bank account in the Philippines using your debit card. Also, you can send a money transfer to thousands of pick up locations in the Philippines.

It can't get any faster than this

If you need to send money fast to the Philippines you've come to the right place. Money transfers happen within minutes or a few hours. If you send cash to your friends or family, they can collect it the same day in most of the cases, or the next day.

It can't get more secure than this

Your security is our top priority and we guarantee that on every transaction. Our 10-year expertise in online payments proves it.

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